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Are the children fascinated with bugs, reptiles, birds, mammals or the beach?

Let Animals of Oz bring the animals to you in the familiar setting and comfort of your centre.

Through our animal incursion programs we can bring a range of Australian animals for the children to watch, touch, feel and appreciate.
Watch the children grow and flourish in confidence during our programs.

We have three interactive animal incursions tailored to suit children of a young age.

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Our Programs

Animals Galore

The children will meet and touch some of Australia’s wonderful and unique native fauna with the Animals of Oz ‘Animals Galore’ education program.

Australian is home to many amazing animals. With our ‘Animals Galore’ program, the children will have fun discovering the differences and uniqueness of the animals we bring.

The children will get up close to, interact with and learn about our furry, feathery and scaly friends from the bush.

The animals we bring include:

- Possum
- Bird
- Frog
- Lizard
- Python
- Crocodile

I wonder if any of our animals will be hungry on the day, yes we might even feed one of the animals!

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Bugs Galore

Let our Bugs take over your centre!

Not exactly, but the children will get up close to some amazing invertebrates with the Animals of Oz ‘Bugs Galore’ education program.

Explore the interesting, fascinating and strange world of invertebrates. Found in a range of different habitats, the children will meet invertebrates from rainforests to invertebrates from backyards. Discover where they live, what they eat, how they can change, how they protect themselves and why we should protect them.

The invertebrates that will visit include:

- stick insects
- litter bugs
- millipedes
- centipede
- scorpion
- tarantula
- mealworms
- And a special guest!

Download our flyer to advertise our visit to your centre!

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Crocodiles, Snakes & Lizards

Meet snappy the crocodile, princess the python and other awesome reptiles!
At Animals of Oz, we absolutely love reptiles. Smooth, bumpy, prickly, bony and soft scales. We can show it all! Let’s learn about these beautiful fauna and their incredible role in nature.
The animals include:
- Blue Tonue Lizard
- Shingleback
- Turtle
- Goanna
- Freshwater Crocodile
- Saltwater Crocodile
- and Pythons
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Backyard Biodiversity

Linking native animals, plants, and our suburban backyards!

This program will introduce and highlight the links between native animals, plants and our suburban backyards (and other suburban areas).

The children will discover the animals that call suburban Melbourne home, the plants these animals need, the hiding places they require and what we can do in our backyards to protect and encourage native animals.

The animals include:

- Possum
- Bird
- Grey Headed Flying Fox
- Lizard, Frog
- Spider
- and Snake.

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PSSSST... Pick a Special Day for Your Incursion!
Why not link your incursion to a date of significance?
Visit our calendar page for a list of environmental, community and cultural dates!
New Preschool and Kindergarten Program for 2020!

Backyard Biodiversity Buddy Program

Linking native animals, plants and our suburban backyards in this 2 hour program of local native animals, plant discovery and bush craft. Each child gets to plant their own plant at your centre!
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